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I am sure we have all been watching the details of the terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando. 50 dead and many more injured by a single gunman who claimed ties to ISIS.

As Christians, I am sure we are running the gamut of emotions. How could God allow this to happen? We are currently studying the book “Half Truths” by Adam Hamilton and we looked at the popular saying ” Everything happens for a reason.” Was it really God’s will for this senseless loss of life? How can I still consider God to be all-loving when faced with incidents like this?

I recognize the influence of evil in our world, and I recognize our ability to choose. It seems the shooter in the attack chose to commit these horrible acts of murder and violence. I do not believe it was these persons’ time to die nor do I believe God was punishing anyone. I am angered by this senseless loss of life and the pervasive violence that has almost made us numb to these types of accounts.

I have seen folks post a saying from Mr. Rogers where his mom would encourage him to look for the helpers in situations like this. She was having him look for the good that would come out of such pain and loss. I do believe in a loving God that will somehow wield evil to work for good. I do not believe God caused this tragic event but I do believe God will use each of us to help those in need of our prayers, our actions for justice, and our continued love and support in every way possible.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Direct communication with the Maker of heaven and earth is not to be overlooked. Share you anger, frustration, indifference, pain, need for revenge with God. Look for the good in others and the good that will come out of the ashes of great loss. Pray for the city of Orlando and its officials. Be an agent of change through love for God and love for others. We are called by God to bring light to a very dark world. Be the light.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kathy

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