January 1, 2017 – Christ is Born, so what?

Matthew 2:1-12

        In a very short time we have done a lot of celebrating! Since Christmas and New Year’s Day are both on Sundays this year, we have been in church a lot! With Christmas Eve’s spectacular celebration, a great time with friends on Christmas Day, and ringing in the new year just a few hours ago, it seems we have had a lot to celebrate.  As Christians, we are basking in the glory of the celebration of the reason for the season!  Christ is born! The Savior has come to the world!  Heaven and earth rejoice!

So what? Beautiful stories abound, the awe and wonder of the Christmas season – those 12-days of Christmas that only began on Christmas day – is still fresh in our minds.  Top it off with a fireworks display or watching the ball drop in Time Square to ring in the New Year and we seem to be prepared for return to the normal routines of life.  So what?  Did we perhaps feel a stirring in our hearts while the Christmas carols played? Were we moved at all to help our neighbors in need? I hope so. You are all here today and a part of today’s service will be used to put our faith in action as we work on some specific tasks to share the reason for the season to those who need a little help this year.

The plan for today is for us to come to the table of Holy Communion, reminding us of God’s inclusiveness.  Similar to the three wise men who sought out a foreign king because of a specific sign they saw in the heavens, we are reminded that Jesus came to be the salvation of the world. Our open table reminds us that the barriers and limitations we feel we have are all dissolved at the communion table where all are welcome.

We are worshipping in the Fellowship Hall today so we have room to put together Blessing Bags, make lunches for the Lighthouse Shelter, and create some additional Cristmons – those symbols that represent aspects of our Christian faith – in order to display on our Christmas trees in future years.  This is quite literally what it means to put our faith in action.  Like our wise men, they could have easily ignored the star in the east. Yet they traveled a great distance to worship a strange king, born in a lowly place.  Today we are choosing to answer the cry of the needy and for that I am truly grateful to each of you for sharing in these needed projects.

The king is born – so what?  There is now hope for the future – that’s the ‘so what.’  There is a purpose to life as we focus on serving God and serving others, not ourselves – that’s the ‘so what.’  We are choosing to let God rule our hearts, our minds, and our actions by living out our faith in every way – that’s the ‘so what.’  We gather to scatter – making a difference in the lives of the members of our community.  We are blessed to be a blessing. Amen.

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