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MUMC Policies & License for Use of Church Facilities 

General Policies

  • Leaders or supervisors of groups using the facility are responsible for discipline, safety, facilities, equipment, and clean-up. This includes lights out, heat or air conditioning turned completely off, and all doors and windows checked and locked prior to leaving. Please be aware that members of your group may leave by different doors.

Note: Do not leave doors unlocked, heat or air conditioning on, or’ tab1es/ chairs set up for another group unless you have been authorized to do so by the church. Please be sure to check with the church office or the building facilitator.

  • Leader or supervisors will prohibit smoking, alcohol, firearms, illegal drugs, profanity, poor sportsmanship, and any misuse of facilities or equipment.


  • Leaders or supervisors shall pick-up the hey at the Church Office and shall be aware that they are accepting responsibility for the supervision of their group. Keys are not to be duplicated for any reason.

Note: Keys may not be passed to another group unless prior arrangements have been made with the church.

  • The fellowship Hall space is limited to 152 for banquet seating and 330 for assembly.


  • There will be not sitting on tables or dragging tables. There must be two people per table while setting up, taking down, carrying or moving.


  • There will be no playing or running in the hallways.


  • Rooms not assigned are off-limits. Groups using unassigned rooms will be charged additional rent and cleanup fees.


  • The kitchen is off-limits, except by reservation or scheduling through the Church Office. The Church Office will contact the Kitchen Committee chairperson. He/She will discuss specific policies and directions for use of the kitchen.


  • Leaders or supervisors will be responsible to see that: Rooms are clean and restored to their original order when the group leaves (see below); keys are returned to the Church Secretary no later than the next regular working day or by prior arrangement with the Church Administrator; policies for use of the facilities are understood and enforced.

  • Clean-up of rooms or the Fellowship Hall, as applicable.

    1. Wipe off tables with clean, damp rag.

    2. Sweep or dry mop floor.

    3. All trash to be taken outside.

    4. Nothing is to be placed on walls or on any painted surfaces.

    5. Clean-up instructions specifically for the kitchen are posted on the kitchen walls.

Please contact the church office to learn more about our facilities and schedule your event.  

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